On Writing

While the subjects you encounter in my classes may be literature or folklore or even just raw data, my goal is to teach you to gather data into information and to process information into knowledge. And then to communicate that knowledge to others. In most cases, writing is part of the process or the end result of the process, the product.

There is a lot to think about writing, and in addition to the discussions we have in class, there are some other things to consider.

So Much Advice

As a reader who also writes, I come across a fair amount of material on the web, some of which strikes me as useful to share with others.

For example, in this Medium post, Josh Spector gives you five things to do to make your writing better. I agree with most of them, except for the one about shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs – my advice there is to vary the length of both.

Examples of Good Writing

Underlying this video essay on [“Wall-E as Sociological Storytelling”][], which is a terrible title, is good writing: the writer here both knows how to pace things in relationship to the video but also calls upon scholarly sources to substantiate his exploration.